Nutrition and feeding in infants and children with cardiac problems

Title: Nutrition and feeding in infants and children with cardiac problems
Level: 2
Learning time 7
Guided learning hours  3

Learning outcomes

The learner will:

Assessment criteria

The learner can:

1. Understand the different types of feed and feeding used, relative to age and nutritional status    1.1 Explain the types of feed that may be used relative to the age and nutritional status of the infant or child
1.2 Describe common routes of feeding
1.3 Explain why weaning and oral feeding may differ from a healthy child
2. Understand how infants with cardiac problems feed and gain weight    2.1 Explain that infants may feed normally and gain weight well 
2.2 Explain how energy content of oral feeds can be increased
2.3 Explain how high energy feeds are used 
3. Understand the options available for nutrition support 3.1 Explain the nutrition support which maybe needed by infants with cardiac problems 
4. Understand why a child might need a tube to enable nutrition support  4.1 Explain why a child may only be able to feed orally for a short time
4.2 Explain why a child may become aversive to oral feeding 
5. Understand the types of tubes used for nutrition support  5.1 Describe the types of tube used for nutrition support
5.2 Explain the types of milk which can be administered using a tube



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