Breast Milk Donation 

Have you got an excess supply of milk. Could you help a poorly baby?

After Lagan passed away her mummy decided rather than pour the golden nectar down the drain that she would donate every last drop to a milk bank so that other poorly babies could benefit from the goodness of her milk.

After passing a blood test the Countess of Chester Milk Bank collected the milk treated it and hopefully it helped many babies where their mummies were unable to give them breast milk.

The United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking works with mums across the country so that where it is possible they can donate their surplus milk to help others.

"Women who have decided to breastfeed will know breastmilk is the ideal food for babies. It is especially important for babies who are sick or premature. Giving these babies breastmilk increases their chances of survival and helps their long-term development. Sometimes their mothers cannot feed them because they are sick or under too much stress to produce enough milk. Milk banks recruit breastfeeding mothers to donate some of their surplus breastmilk or to regularly express milk for the bank. Donors are not paid for their milk." (UKAMB)



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