When you have a poorly child money has to stretch to impossible lengths. In many cases depending on the severity of the child's condition parents may be unable to work and become the childs' full time carer.

What Help is out there?


Disability Living Allowance for Children (Care & Mobility Element)
Disability Facilities Grants
Help if you have a disabled child 
Carer's Allowance
Housing Benefit
Child Benefit
Council Tax Benefit
Tax Credits
Carer's Credits
NHS Low income Scheme
Maternity Allowance
Sure Start Maternity Grant
Free milk, fruit, vegetables, infant formula and vitamins 
Family Fund - For families with Disabled Children
Newlife Foundation for disabled children 
Cash for Kids Grant
Grants search for individuals 
Grants for those in South Yorkshire
The information listed here is only a guide and does not cover every families circumstances.
The information listed here has been taken from the Department for Work and Pensions (Valid as of February 2014), Family Fund and Newlife Foundation for disabled Children. It is possible some of this information may become out of date over time.



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