General Information

Parents and families are not always informed by the hospitals what is available in the community, often because it is difficult for them to keep up to date and not all children seen at specialist centres are from the local area.

We hope the information you find here will offer you additional resources / information and contacts in your area.

Think Heart

"Think HEART gives health professionals not specifically trained in cardiology the skills, knowledge and confidence to spot potential heart problems in newborn babies. It will also empower PARENTS to spot any potential health problems at home and will hopefully give them the confidence to take action."

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Cardiac Liaison Nurse Telephone Numbers

Need a number for a CLN around the UK at one of the Children's Cardiac Units? They are all listed here.

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Benefits and Entitlements

When you have a poorly child money has to stretch to impossible lengths. In many cases depending on the severity of the child's condition parents may be unable to work and become the childs' full time carer.

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Bereavement Support

The loss of anyone in our lives is a huge ordeal, the loss of a child is earth shattering. Ensuring you have the right support enables you to deal with the emotions and physical reactions you may experience. 

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Breast Milk Donation

After Lagan passed away her mummy decided rather than pour the golden nectar down the drain that she would donate every last drop to a milk bank so that other poorly babies could benefit from the goodness of her milk.

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