Information Day 

13th February 2015

Outcomes from our first information day 

We are now committed to be CHAMPIONS for the Roayal Alliance (Bolton, Salford and Wigan Hospitals) to support Lagan's Foundation

- Fiona Murphy 

Thank you for putting this event on. It has inspired my students and will enhance my teaching. Much appreciated 

- Joanne Sowdall Woods UTE Lifesciences, Liverpool

This event was very well organised. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I learned very much on this day.

Very informative, great way to talk to other charities.

Best event ever. Be proud

An Amazing insight in to the work Lagan's do. Wow!

Parking not on site & expensive

A fantastic day! So glad we could make it. Very informative. Inspired to Volunteer. Thank you

Very informative presentations, valuable & worth taking back to my area of practice. Lots of information to take back to my teams and the general organisation (Paediatrics) rater than tertiary. Good idea to be able to support families before and after diagnosis. 

We wonder if another venue wich is easier to get to would make it more accessible to more people. 

13009 Manchester Information Day A5 RGB (2).jpg


Lagan's Foundation

Disabled Living 


Hand On Heart 

Little Hearts Matter 

Children's Heart Federation 

Cardiomyopathy Association 

Bereavement and Donnor Alliance

HDP Occupational Therapy 

Sensorial CIC

The Jungle Party and Play 

Manchester Children's Hospital Charity

Beechwood Cancer Care

Barry Carruthers Counselling Services 

Best Beginnings 

Ellison Printing

Childrens Heart Association 


4 Free Exhibit Spaces still available - Contact us 


Information Day Timetable






How Lagan's started

  • Development
  • Types of service delivered in the community
  • Outcomes from Lagan's Services in the Community

How to get involved

  • How to refer
  • How to be a sponsor,
  • Become a fundraisier,
  • Gain work experience,
  • As a medical professionals



Lunch & Networking


Meeting a Family

  • Karen Shurba – Why did Karen need Lagan's Foundation?


Meeting a Volunteer 

  • Kristy Connaghan – Why did Kristy volunteer to support a Lagan's Foundation Family. Hear about the training and ongoing support


Charity Video


Children's Ambassador

  • Holly Hunt - A siblings view & why become an ambassador or champion of Lagan's Foundation

Final Q & A's





Information Day Guestbook

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Be sure that your dog insurance coverage covers chronic diseases. Most dog insurance coverages protect all the common conditions, however, several tend not to include constant illnesses, like cancers or diabetic issues. These constant diseases frequently require you to obtain costly drugs from month to month and when the family pet insurer refuses to fund the medicines, you can get into financial debt very quickly.


Your jewelry needs to be eliminated just before and throughout finishing of day-to-day chores and cleansing. Many house cleaners and chemical compounds are incredibly caustic and can substantially give up the caliber of precious metals, along with that relating to the better multi-colored gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. If you fail to take away wedding rings, you need to dress in thick, protecting safety gloves on each and every hand.

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Stress can have an unbelievable impact on health. It can come from a variety of sources and have a diversity of manifestations. The tips that are outlined below will aid in the identification of the factors that cause stress and in the steps that we can take to reduce its impacts or eliminate them entirely.

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If you're making your very first campaign or perhaps adjusting those which you're presently operating, utilize the strategies listed here to really make it powerful and profitable. While using expertise of others is the best way to far better your personal abilities, understand new techniques and achieve good results you never thought feasible, consider getting to work nowadays!Email Marketing Solutions To Aid Your Business Grow
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An excellent photography tip that will help you plenty would be to prevent acquiring lens flare. Lens flare normally develops when you are trying capturing in brilliant light-weight. An easy way to avoid camera lens flare is to try using a lens hood or to situation your hand to bar it.
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Using this type of write-up at your fingertips, you will be able to take the stars. The truly amazing information at this point you have got permits you to instruct exceptionally and create achievement. When your youngsters head out by themselves, you'll experience the joy of giving them the ideal education and learning achievable in your house.Several Terms of Assistance With Online Marketing
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They saying, "significantly less is more" could not be a lot more accurate in terms of decor. As an alternative to filling up your living area up with a lot of different sections, you would be better provided to pick much less parts that complement the other person superbly. Using this method, you avoid providing your living space a jumbled appear.
Be honest in confirming all income, resources and outstanding debts when processing individual bankruptcy. Should you cover any fiscal information and facts, whether it be deliberate or unintentional, you run the danger of becoming barred from declaring a bankruptcy proceeding on all those financial obligations placed in your initial personal bankruptcy petition in the future, therefore you can have no relief from your monetary burdens.
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So, you might have eventually made it to university: so what now? Is it time to obtain fun and party, fitting a couple of hours of research time in? Perhaps you will meet your long term husband or wife on grounds or kick off the subsequent wonderful start-up company? Whatever your collegiate profession has in store, these article has some really good advice to discover you thru.
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Don't stop working out. While some folks claim exercising is unhealthy for your epidermis mainly because it causes you to sweating, it's in fact not. Anxiety can cause pimples but exercising can help alleviate it, that helps clear the skin up. Be sure you wash the face right after workout to get rid of the grime and perspiration.
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If you have by no means possessed a infant just before, get ladies it is possible to talk with regarding the expertise. Most mommies are delighted to offer you all the little information on their arrival expertise. This will help to resolve your questions and obtain a far better idea of the process.
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Will not ever purchase real-estate you have not observed. It makes no difference how close up you will be in your realtor, or how often you play golf with your mortgage lender. You must visit a residence before you commit, and ensure that you are obtaining what you really are investing in.
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Many people are finding that tinnitus retraining treatment method, or TRT, is quite beneficial. This treatment might make your ringing in the ears a lot more bearable. This procedure allows you to take part the notion that tinnitus will not be a big deal. You can simply workout you to ultimately see ringing in the ears as being a "no-matter". In that way, you may put your interest on more valuable is important.
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Allergic reactions can be a frequent event currently. Our surroundings consists of contaminants each indoors and outside the house, and you could be open to 1 or maybe the other or both simultaneously. See the adhering to details to understand the best ways to cope with that terrible, itchy feeling in your eye and nasal area.
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Suitable blood flow during the entire thighs and rear is crucial if you're seeking to end back pain, so it's constantly a wonderful idea to stay productive. An effective idea to utilize the following is to purchase a tiny physical exercise cycler. If you're resting for long intervals, pedal out for 10 or fifteen minutes each and every several hours.
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Create your advertisements suitable to modest screens and slower rates or they is probably not considered in any way! Most mobile phones have little display screens and details rates of speed a lot slow than the usual typical Personal computer so design and style your cellular content material to become exhibited appropriately otherwise it may never ever attain its meant focus on!
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Styles are consistently changing, so try to find some basic pieces of clothes that one could boost and make a change. An incredible installing couple of black pants would be the fundamental seem you are able to outfit up or outfit straight down, in addition to dress in in summer or through the winter time.
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An important object to bring along for the camping outdoors journey is Ziploc luggage. It is possible to separate things in your gear like sunscreen lotion and bug mist thus if they puncture they are doing not get on your gear. Also you can utilize them to keep stuff like fits and mobile phones free of moisture if it down pours.
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Soon after your bankruptcy has been dismissed, or finalized, a great way to begin re-developing your credit score is to get a pre-paid visa or mastercard. This kind of cards is generally offered by your neighborhood financial institution. The card is guaranteed by how much cash you fill onto it. You may not demand more than everything you have jam-packed onto the cards, so around-spending shouldn't be considered a issue. It functions like a normal credit card, with monthly records and payments. After you have kept this card in very good standing upright for a period of time, you might be able to have it changed into a typical, revolving charge card.
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Make sure you do your greatest to branch out your portfolio when you are investing in stock market trading. By doing this, you may be greater insulated towards downturns available in the market. Dispersing your hard earned dollars out more than a number of organizations and industry segments, means that you will be less likely to reduce cash over time.
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Should you be surviving in a cross over house or if perhaps you and your husband or wife will shift quickly, then its better to check with everyone for the money rather than goods. It can be very difficult to relocate significant amounts of issues, so it will be preferable to keep the money in financial savings.
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If your residence coffee making goes more than your finances, take into consideration stretches out your top quality makes by combining in the very little lower high quality espresso. The flavor will never be past the boundary away from, and you may stretch out your more expensive reasons a great deal lengthier. In the long run, you should be able to get back on budget without sacrificing fantastic preference.
Tend not to make purchases along with your bank card for stuff that you can not pay for. Bank cards are for stuff that you acquire routinely or that fit in your finances. Making grandiose buys with your visa or mastercard will make that piece cost you a great deal a lot more as time passes and definately will place you vulnerable to default.
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There are many forms of commercial real-estate offered, and it is essential which you know very well what variety you will get associated with. The visible difference between a sizeable manufacturer and a small car whole lot are extremely huge and also the enterprise area of points will be really diverse too.
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Prior to taking the dive and deciding on a payday loan, look at other sources. The interest levels for payday cash loans are higher and for those who have much better options, attempt them initially. See if your family members will bank loan the money, or try out a standard lender. Online payday loans should really be considered a last option.

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When used with a mix of medicines and other treatment options, hypnotherapy has been proven to aid with rheumatoid arthritis. Despite the fact that doctors will not be sure why, affected person research indicates that hypnosis can relieve arthritis pain in up to 75Per cent of individuals. Our recommendation is that sufferers have a few rounds of hypnotherapy for effective effects.


Neither of them showing your self nor telling somebody else that a panic attack is irrational will end it from occurring. Don't be concerned about your appearance to other folks during a panic attack, this can only enhance your anxiousness. Just give attention to enduring it as calmly as you possibly can.

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If you are living in the local community house status, submit individual bankruptcy collectively with the husband or wife. Your partner is recognized as accountable for one half of the financial obligations received during the marriage, so he or she could still get harassed by loan providers should you don't document a joint personal bankruptcy software. Should you each submit, even so, you may the two be safe from loan companies.
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A compact redecorating project that may be taken care of in a couple of hrs, is usually to thoroughly clean your clothes dryer vents. Dryer air vents collect lint build up with time and when not cleaned could be the reason for a blaze in your house. It also reduces the productivity of your dryer, and helps make your clothing take more time to dried out.
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As stated at the outset of this post, skin treatment is extremely important. Ideally, after reading all of the recommendations offered previously mentioned, you will get all the information essential and also hardwearing . pores and skin within the greatest problem possible. So, begin applying the advice from this article today and anticipate having wonderful skin area in the near future and above.Techniques For Producing Your Web Site Have An Attractive Appearance
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You may possibly not have stuck your finger in a electric socket, yet your your hair frizzes might recommend you had. To tame these horrible beasts, you will want to add moisture content in your locks. Keep away from hairspray mainly because it has alcohol that dries out your hair. Use head of hair serum to wet hair to freeze the dampness, and keep uncontrolled your hair from increasing.
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When displaying your property to potential customers, make sure to de-mess just before inviting them into what could be their brand new home. Load up out the tiny points that you do not feel mirror a welcoming room to them. You need to make your residence look available with many different room so they can relocate their things in.
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To protect yourself from possessing back discomfort, make sure you're lifting properly and safely and securely. A great deal of back problems is caused by not raising heavy objects correctly. Ensure you're twisting the knees, trying to keep your ab muscles limited, and trying to keep the subject close to your system. This helps consider the vast majority of stress away from your back.
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When you are looking for a brand new dentist, look for one which will accept your dental insurance plan. Picking an out from network company could cost you plenty more money and it also will make declaring promises more difficult. Since you are currently purchasing your dental insurance plan, try to get the best consumption of it by getting an in system provider.
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To keep up great credit history or maintenance a credit score problem, the intelligent buyer limits him or herself to a single bank card. When superfluous charge cards are paid off the consumer has small cause to hang on to them. They are just a enticement. Even worse, they require consideration and perhaps even routine maintenance repayments. After the consumer commits to a single credit card there is very little cause to enable them to preserve others.
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Crack sophisticated information into more compact, far more memorable items. This simple trick is frequently used to help individuals remember large phone numbers. For instance, your credit card numbers, telephone number and social protection amount are broken down into smaller sized, hyphenated portions to make them simpler to bear in mind. That can be done the same thing with any sophisticated information that you are currently seeking to remember.
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It is very important generally inhale and exhale clean, thoroughly clean air if you have symptoms of asthma. Steer clear of strong scents like fragrances or extremely cloying flowers, potpourri, air fresheners, and the like. Specifically avoid cigarettes smoke cigarettes. Don't enable individuals to cigarette smoke surrounding you or maybe in and close to your home or even your automobile.
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Trying to keep your money direct shouldn't be considered a task, and yes it shouldn't be a challenge. It really is nevertheless, a very significant component in your life in numerous methods from developing great credit rating to locating enjoy. This article will provide you some tips regarding individual financial to be able to maintain your daily life taking place the right path.
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Make certain that any subjected piping in your home are insulated, specially those located in crawl spaces on the outside surfaces of your property. This helps keep them from very cold and leading to you tons of issues. Frosty water lines can often be devastating and give you conditions that are pricey to repair with no normal water in the center of winter season.
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Beneficial encouragement needs to be applied liberally when instruction your puppy. Food items incentives can be utilized, but are not the only option. An easy "excellent pet" or perhaps a pat about the mind may be just as efficient. Through making instruction a nice encounter, you will notice that your pet functions more challenging to impress you.


Your skin on your mouth area, eyes region and higher upper body may be the thinnest of just about anywhere on your own physique so conceal! The value of sunscreen lotion cannot be over-stated which is most essential where your skin layer is slender so be sure to use lip balm and cream by using a strong enough SPF to defend you during visibility.

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Даже если взрослый мужик придерживается здорового образа жизни, постоянно проходит все обследования и анализы и занимается спортом, раньше или позже его все-равно ждут неприятности с потенцией: такова беспощадная сущность старости.

К счастью передовая медицина создала [url=]дженерик сиалис отзывы покупаталей[/url] , что смогут продлить нормальную половую жизнь на полтора десятка лет, не нанося вреда при этом здоровью всех других систем организма. Речь идет о Виагре дженериках, которые вы сможете приобрести на этом портале

Тут вас ожидает каталог из десятков препаратов, которые десятки лет производятся в ЕС и прошли все необходимые этапы клинических испытаний. В отличии от банальных аптек, в этом онлайн магазине все дженерики продаются по самым низким расценкам и доставляются заказчику в обычной посылке, что обеспечивает конфиденциальность приобретения.

Все предлагаемые пилюли производятся на легальных западноевропейских фармацевтических фабриках и сопровождаются всеми легализованными документами. А небольшая цена дженериков обуславливается отсутствием лишней цепочки посредников, как в ситуации с простой аптекой.
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Гид по Тайланду - все о Тайланде, отдыхе, туризме

Тайланд – сказочная страна, привлекающая отдыхающих своей красивой флорой и фауной. На западе страны располагается о-в Пхукет, куда прилетает основная часть туристов. Главное достоинство данного курорта это Андаманское море, с прозрачной водой, чистая, насыщенного голубого оттенка.
Самые крутые пляжи -это Камала и Патонг. Для детского отдыха лучше будет побережье Камала, поскольку он наименее громкий, рядом с ним отсутствуют дороги и отели. А пляж Патонг наоборот не такой уж тихий, вдоль побережья расположены торговые павильончики, дискотеки и ночные клубы, но зато добраться до этого пляжа легко и просто. Важно заметить, что на обоих пляжах нет навязчивых торговцев, помоек, гальки и камней, что делает отдых более комфортным.
Достопримечательностей на Пхукете не так много, всего несколько храмов. Из развлечений можно отметить дайвинг с аквалангом, позволяющее рассмотреть богатство подвожного мира. Также остров знаменит экскурсиями: заповедники Као-Сок и Као-Лак, джип-сафари, прогулка на слоне, всё это не оставит скучающим ни одного отдыхающего. Наилучшее время для путешествия – с октября по апрель, в этот период дождей почти нет и температура более комфортная.

Отдых в Паттайе

Курорт Паттайя по посещаемости не уступает Пхукету, но в корне отличается от него. Вода на основных пляжах в Паттайе весьма грязная с мутной зеленоватой грязью, однако рядом есть несколько островов, где вода прозрачная с бирюзовым оттенком. Добраться сюда можно на пароме, дорога займет времени минут 50-60 в одну сторону. Однако все пляжи в самой Паттайе битком людей, тяжело даже найти пустой лежак, в самом море почти никто не плавает, все туристы только принимают солнечные ванны.
В отличие от Пхукета- Паттайя богата достопримечательностями. Наиболее общеизвестные и посещаемые – храм Большого Будды и храм Истины. Кроме буддийских исторических шедевров, нужно посмотреть на фермы слонов и крокодилов. А самое важное, чем прославилась Паттайя – шумные тусовки. Удивительная улица Wolking Street настоящая визитная карточка курорта. На каждом углу тут бары, рестораны, представления под открытым небом, шоу ледибоев и пр.
Шопоголикам здесь понравится больше, чем на острове Пхукет, потому что построено очень много торговых центров. Что касается продуктов, особенно фруктов, здесь цены дешевле, а по ассортименту почти не отличаются.

Отдых в Тайланде впечатляет туристов на каждом курорте, это та самая страна, которую обязательно стоит посетить.

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