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2017 Lagan's Cycle Challenge Reviews

Posted by Ian collings on
Great ride today and brilliant support as always from the Lagans marshalls. It's my second year of doing it and it just gets better.
Posted by Carren on
Having been a supported family for all of our journey to date with Lagan's, I'm incredibly grateful to all those who have dedicated their support and strength over the hills today to raise funds so that Lagan's can continue the work that they do. Without these individuals we would be in a much worse position as a family. Thank you! thank you.x xxx The Shurba Family
Posted by Neil on
Great route, thanks to all that helped.
Posted by Steve lane on
My first year of riding and will definitely be returning again next year, a great day for a worthy cause.
Posted by Suzanne Williams on
The sun was shining and the Challenge was set. Hills were promised and hills were delivered...and then more hills...and then even more. You wouldn't think it was actually that hilly in Bolton! I was beaten by one hill, they tell me it was Foxholes. I don't really want to do it again, but then how can I be beaten by a hill? Even the steep downs were tough! Set up and marshalling was fab, even me, who always gets lost really couldn't. Signage was excellent (so long as you know your right from your left), volunteers en route were friendly, helpful and smiling. I had a great day, thank you all. I'll be practising hills all winter in prep for next year. Well done on a brilliantly organised event xx
Posted by Kelvin on
Fantastic day. Very well organised again. Great to support such a great charity.
Posted by Chris Evans on
Great day for a ride and managed to improve my last time so all round brilliant day - well done all
Posted by Sharon Ormston on
Firstly, thank you for sorting out the weather! couldn't have been better.
Secondly, thank you so much for all the organisation and hard work that has gone into today.
The volunteers throughout were amazing and definitely spurred me on.
The route was tough (for me anyway) but I felt fantastic once I had completed, I will definitely be back next year.
Great day for a very worthy cause! x
Posted by David Stammers (Team ASL) on
I didn't know what to expect from my first ride at the Lagans Challenge but the route looked a challenge (ridden in anger) and the promise of cake had me ready to go. It was indeed a good route, fantastically marshalled and signposted. The weather was glorious and overall a cracking day out. It was great to have the lead moto with us as more often than not they served to scout what was up ahead. Would ride again!
Posted by Scott Curds on
A fantastic event with an equally impressive route. Tough but stunning. The organisation was spot on and the Marshalls were all helpful and encouraging. My first year doing it but it certainly won't be my last for such a good cause. And I beat my sub 3 hour target...!
Posted by Jeff Glaister on
The second time I have done this event and once again I have to say everything was first class. The course is really tough, but takes you through some of the most stunning countryside Lancashire has to offer. The route was really well signposted, and with friendly marshalls at most junctions making sure we didn't get lost. All the marshalls offered words of encouragement as I passed them, so many thanks to them for volunteering their time to help us out. I managed to stay on my bike for whole ride, although it was touch and go on the Foxholes climb! I was quite pleased with my overall moving time of just less that 4 hours, just need to get more hills when training for next years ride to try to beat that! Thanks again to everyone for organising the event and my fellow riders for offering encouragement on the ride. See you all again next year!
Posted by Mark F on
Such a great event! The new start/finish area is so much better than the old one even if it does mean an extra couple of miles! A great course - really challenging but immensely rewarding. Well organised and all for a great cause. Cheerful marshals all over the place and a well-signed route meant I didn't get lost. The great weather helped the event feel good but taking time off your PB on a longer course always feels great! Well done team - see you next year!
Posted by Martin Richardson on
It was my first time this year, really enjoyed the route. The weather was perfect. The Marshalling, surrport and setup was excellent. Will be entering next year. Thanks.
Posted by Marc Clough on
Had a brilliant ride out , plenty of big hills great training for IMUK17 , was treated immaculately from the start to the finish, all the signs were perfect and I loved it bonus from me I was placed number 25 I had two major brain operations 2 years ago , so my recovery like this is good for me , hence the grammar above , maybe next year I'll win it , plus it is a great charity , well good many of good riders
Posted by Ste Holden on
Did this ride today with my two mates , was a tough 44 mile but very enjoyable & challenging route who ever mapped it out well done, the marshals did a fantastic job and there was plenty of them as well, plenty of signs so you don't do any wrong turns,& a nice bonus of a medal drink & food when you finish, and all for a very good cause
Posted by Allan Bell on
I was very pleased to be a marshal on Lagan's Foundation 42 mile, very lumpy, cycle challenge in Rivington. Well done to Carren Bell and her team for organising the event in memory of her baby daughter. The 80 cyclists loved the route.
Posted by Craig Singleton on
Brill day , all well organised A credit to everybody involved and also for a very good cause
Posted by Graham Balshaw on
Well done to Carren and her team for putting on a superbly well organised event. An incredible amount of hard work went into organising it not to mention the small army of volunteers and marshals that helped on the day.
Thanks to everyone that helped, on behalf of Team ASL we had a very enjoyable day and hope to be back next year.
Pass the word around and bring a couple of cycling friends with you next year.
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Position Number Finishing Time Rider Number Rider First Name Rider Surname
1 02:12:14 5 Gareth Balshaw
2 02:12:15 56 David Stammers
3 02:12:16 4 Graham Balshaw
4 02:14:42 33 Mike Humphreys
5 02:23:06 75 Tony Lowe
6 02:26:58 77 Peter Leather
7 02:27:58 30 Kevin Hibberd
8 02:35:00 32 Neil Higgins
9 02:35:49 47 Martin Richardson
10 02:44:11 13 Ian Collings
11 02:44:26 40 Toni Morris
12 02:49:05 80 Steven Rothwell
13 02:53:37 37 Christian Longley
14 02:53:40 62 Ian Waudby
15 02:53:42 78 Chris Kay
16 02:54:18 8 James Cain
17 02:54:25 52 Rob Skinner
18 02:54:58 57 Benjamin Starmer
19 02:56:58 16 Scott Curds
20 02:57:22 20 Andrew Draper
21 02:57:36 18 Anthony Dobell
22 02:58:03 27 Peter Hammond
23 02:58:03 79 Chris Brown
24 02:58:58 71 Steven Holden
25 03:00:29 70 Marc Clough
26 03:00:53 67 Vincent Lomax
27 03:01:09 43 Andrew Perry
28 03:02:54 41 Tom Odriscoll
29 03:03:05 49 Shaun Scott
30 03:06:29 68 Mark Berry
31 03:07:24 76 Chris Evans
32 03:08:25 60 Martyn Taylor
33 03:08:51 69 Garlon Cheung
34 03:08:56 55 Malcolm Spalding
35 03:11:52 46 Mark Rayner
36 03:15:55 12 Andrew Cheetham
37 03:16:43 38 Ian Morgan
38 03:18:38 39 Ian Morris
39 03:18:39 54 Suzanne Smith
40 03:21:40 11 Andrew Chadwick
41 03:21:40 23 Mark Fraser
42 03:21:53 58 Tim Taylor
43 03:21:53 59 Nick Taylor
44 03:23:31 9 Todd Cameron
45 03:23:33 17 Douglas Dean
46 03:25:11 24 Ian Gent
47 03:25:33 74 Paul Brookwell
48 03:26:11 2 Alex Allen
49 03:27:47 35 Steve Lane
50 03:28:28 73 Tom Cowans
51 03:29:18 63 Jason White
52 03:32:42 21 Robert Embrack
53 03:32:42 65 John Clifford
54 03:33:22 15 Eileen Cowley
55 03:35:17 36 Mick Lane
56 03:35:50 19 Stephen Draper
57 03:39:55 28 Neil Haslam
58 03:39:58 7 Jane Brown
59 03:41:21 1 Rachel Ainsworth
60 03:42:53 53 Jonathan Smith
61 03:43:51 72 Craig Singleton
62 03:53:05 48 Julia Rushton
63 04:08:47 64 Suzanne Williams
64 04:10:34 42 Sharon Ormston
65 04:11:33 25 Jeff Glaister
66 04:46:11 29 Ahmed Hassan
67 04:48:45 45 Mark Pollitt

DNF 3 Graham Ashton

DNS 6 Mark Beresford

DNS 10 Jim Cameron

DNF 14 Massimo Consiglio

DNS 22 James Ford

DNF 26 Dave Hallett

DNS 31 John Hicklin

DNS 34 David Inman

DNF 44 Daniel Platt

DNS 50 Steve Sherratt

DNS 51 Steph Sherratt

DNS 61 Catherine Waudby

DNF 66 Ross Mathieson



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