Get Involved As a Volunteer

The benefits of volunteering are enormous both to you, the family you volunteer to support, and the community. The right match can help you find friends, reach out to the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career.

Types of Volunteer Roles 


Our families are special to us. Each child has his or her own unique care needs. Lagan's Foundation will ensure each volunteer is trained by medical professionals so they feel confident when looking after and playing with a child they are referred to. No medical knowledge will be required and you will never be left alone on the premises with the child.

Home Support Volunteers - All we ask is you allow a parent the chance for a minimum of 2 hours of time each week to do what they wish to do around the house, by taking over the general care and observations of the diagnosed child.

Hospital Support Volunteers are similar to home support volunteers. Hospital volunteers will be required to support parents allowing them someone to speak to, taking care of siblings, giving a parent a couple of hours to get some rest, meet friends etc. All care for the child within hospital will be delivered by medical staff only. 

What will you be required to do? 

  • Care for and look after children under the age of 5 with a heart defect or feeding difficulty 
  • Change nappies, clothes and even bath children where required
  • Feed and observe children around meal times
  • Talk to parents, report any issues or queries a parent may have 

Next Training Dates 2016


18th January - Southampton University 11am - 5pm 

21st March- Southampton University  11.00am - 5pm 

20th June - Southampton General Hospital 11.00am - 5pm 

21st November - Southampton General Hospital 11am - 5pm 


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If you don't feel home support is for you but you would really love to become involved with the charity there are still some fantastic opportunities to get involved in.

Jungle Club, Community Support Groups

Help us to organise and operate essential support groups in your area. Bring family and children together, breaking down barriers and fear. Bring a stop to isolation and help families to make friends. 

Event Team 

Join the Event team and help to hold events around the country which will raise the charity profile and help to raise essential funds to support our families

Administration / Back Office 

There would be no charity without the back office function holding the charity together. We are always looking for people with time to help out with general administrative roles. 



Head Office: 01204 468300

Home Support & Volunteer Enquiries: 07726 298214

Fundraising Enquiries: 07486 313296