Become a Home Support Worker


Our families are special to us. Each child has his or her own unique care needs. Lagan's Foundation will ensure each home support worker is trained by medical professionals so they feel confident when looking after and playing with a child they are referred to. 

All we ask is you allow a parent the chance for a minimum of 2 hours of time each week to do what they wish to do around the house, by taking over the general care and observations of the diagnosed child.

The majority of the work is carried out by volunteer home support workers. All expenses and training are paid for by Lagan's Foundation. 

Additionally, there are opportunities for paid home support / carer positions via "Lagan's Care". Priority is given to volunteers who have volunteered for Lagan's Foundation for a minimum of 6 months. These positions are special and are designed around a commissioned care package for a child with a heart or feeding issue upon request. The shifts can range from 1 Hour -12 hours, daytime or nights. 

What will you be required to do? 

  • Care for and look after children under the age of 5 with a heart defect or feeding difficulty 
  • Change nappies, clothes and even bath children where required
  • Feed and observe children around meal times
  • Talk to parents, report any issues or queries a parent may have 
  • Travel up to 12.5 miles from your home to a family

Online Application requirements

We will ask you for: 

  • The details of 2 referees
  • A vaccination record from your GP to be returned within 21 days 
  • A head shot photo to be returned via email or the post within 7 days 
  • We will send you a Criminal Records Disclosure which must be returned in 7 days 
  • We will email you our policies and procedures which you must read and sign the agreement and return it with in 7 days

QCF Training Course

Following successful application we will invite you to our specific training at a centre of excellence in the UK. Classroom training will be over two days and is carried out by a regulated provider. 

The course will cover 

  • Basic Life Support 
  • Speech and Language 
  • Nutrition
  • Stoma Care
  • Cardiac Care
  • Moving and Handling 
  • Infection Control 
  • Play Therapy
  • Level 2 Child Protection (Online Course)
For more on the course and what is expected please  click here

Training Route

We have three ways to access our popular accredited training course. 

You can choose from 

  • Free  Route : Available only to applicants who wish to become a Lagan's Home Support Worker (Internal Certification only)
  • £50   Certified  Route : Available to applicants who wish to become a Lagan's Home Support Worker and complete 48 weeks of Lagan's family support and become certified once the full qualification process has been completed. This certificate can be used for other care jobs. 
  • £399  Full Certification Route: Available to anyone who does not want to become a Lagan's Home Support Worker but wishes to use the qualification for work or independent purposes 

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements 

To help our money go further we ask that you travel the cheapest possible way to training. 

Flights Via Flybe from various airports across England and Scotland are a cheap way to travel if coming from far away.  

Trains book in advance are cheaper than last minute. Please ensure you have ALL of the relevant paperwork back before booking train fares. 

Car Mileage is currently 45p per mile

We often look at advance deals from the likes of the Premier Inn and smaller independent B&Bs when looking at accomodation. 

Travel and accomodation costs can be supported - Please enquire following application. 

Start to Finish Application Process 

To become a home support worker in your own community please note there are number of stages to the application process.

1. Complete the full application form below.

2. Send in your GP vaccination records, Sign our policy agreement and send in a Headshot photo which can be used for ID.  

3. We will email your referees for their reference. If they do not reply we cannot advance your application.

4. We will post a Disclosure and Barring Application form to your home address. You must return this along with the ID with in 7 days. 

5. Once the above has been completed you can be invited to the home support training in Liverpool or Southampton

6. Following the classroom training you will be required to complete an assessment and Online Level 2 Child Protection Course

Only once all of the above has been completed satisfactorily can we arrange a placement. 




Head Office: 01204 468300

Home Support & Volunteer Enquiries: 07726 298214

Fundraising Enquiries: 07486 313296