How you can get involved

1 in every 100 babies born today will have a heart defect. In addition 1 in 3 children will have a feeding issue.

We need people like you to join our team to raise funds and ensure parents and children with heart defects or feeding issues recieve valuable support at home they desperately need.

There are plenty of ways to support us and fundraise. Here are a few ideas.

Join our Patron Family - enable the charity to reach a wider community and serve the UK as a whole making a significant difference to the families we support.

Corporate Support - LF invite corporate organisations to get involved with us in a number of ways. Not everything is financial. Could we be your CHARITY OF THE YEAR?

Payroll Giving - Give as you Earn is taken from your salary at source so you actually get the tax benefit from this way of giving.

Regular Giving - Knowing that we can rely on your regular income ensures we can plan the support we supply to our families in the community.

Special Occasions - Why not ask people to donate to Lagan's Foundation

Gift Aid - If you pay income tax allow us to claim 25p in every £ of your donation from the Government. This is a free and easy way to raise money

Cash Collections - Ask your local supermarket / superstore if you can hold a collection there. Have you got a shop which can have one of our collection pots?

In Memoriam - Raising money in someone's memory is a special way to celebrate their life.

Gift in you Will - If you are thinking about writing a Will or amending an existing one, including a charity can be a very special way of helping good work to continue in the future. This is often referred to as 'leaving a legacy'.

Look for an event

Triathlons, Hikes, Challenges

Keep it safe and legal

Some guidelines and tips

Sponsor Forms

Feel free to print and use our Sponsorship Form

Online Giving Pages

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Head Office: 01204 468300

Home Support & Volunteer Enquiries: 07726 298214

Fundraising Enquiries: 07486 313296