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We invite you to leave feedback to help us evaluate how the charity is operating. This will help us to make changes in the future to improve the services we offer and commend those who are recognised for their hard work. 

Are you a supporter, volunteer, family or child who has received support. We would love to hear what you think. 

Many thanks Team Lagan. 


Posted by Rachael Barlow on
Not only do we receive great updates from lagans foundation, it's a great place to chat with with other parents going through the same or similar things. There is ALWAYS someone to talk to, to answer questions and help you overcome fears.
Our volunteer is Sharon Davis, what a great person! Like yourselves, I have no idea how she finds the time to support so many families. Chloe wasn't really a people person but she is getting there gradually, so hopefully she will get used to Sharon soon. Most of the time we end up chatting, it makes my day go quicker which is great. I sometimes don't feel like leaving the house and it's great to have someone outside the family to discuss things with.
I am rubbish with words and expressing my feelings. Lagans foundation is extended family, full of knowledge and support. Thank you all soooo much! Xxx
Posted by Karen Shurba on
Our journey began in March 2013 having just had such a struggle from the birth of our little Alex the final straw was when I slipped 2 discs in my back. I could no longer cope with the day to day life of as a parent with two young children one an active toddler and the other with multiple difficulties. Into my life stepped Lagan's. Why didn't I ask for help sooner. I was so busy trying to prove to myself that I could cope that I couldn't see I wasn't. In steps my volunteer Kristy who has been a carer, an inspiration, a listening ear and much more to our family and someone I now have complete trust in. The foundation has taught me that I can meet with people outside of my own four walls, they have supported me to tell my story, they get me and my family and I get to share and help others too.

I've met some truly inspirational people that continue to help me personally and know the worries that I have and they never judge. Instead they say "I understand, what can I do to help" and the most priceless thing is that I let them. I let them into our family life and now I cannot imagine it without them.
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