Luke Campbell

Tetralogy of Fallots 

Luke was born with Tetralogy of Fallots, Pulmonary Stenosis and a possibility of Di George Syndrome. My baby boy entered the world on the 8th of march 2011. 

It was confirmed he had ToF and Pulmonary Stenosis but he didn't have Di George Syndrome. So eventually we brought our boy home. Things moved along and Luke got sick so at 6 weeks we went to Alder Hey for his first surgery, after 2 months we got home!

Life was tricky, I was so tired from everything going on with Luke and looking after my daughter. Eventually I received funding for Luke to go to nursery this is where i met Vicky. Vicky had just been through her training with Lagan's she explained how they help children with heart conditions and feeding difficulties. Luke ticked all the boxes but before I could get in touch with Lagan's Luke got sick and we had to go back to Alder Hey for more surgery. It was a rocky road but finally he pulled through and eventually we got home. So after more appointments and sleepless nights days and pure stress Vicky approached me again and suggested that I get in touch with Lagan's. So I did. Carren's Mother-in-Law came out to meet up to see Luke and to fill out the paper work. She told me how the Foundation came to be set up.I told her all about Luke and how difficult I found things at times. I cried got hugs and reassured that things would get better. Vicky would be my saving grace. She would come every week for a couple of hours and in this time I could sleep, get a shower, do my house work while Luke would be safe played with and looked after. I couldn't be without my saving grace on a Friday I would be in the nut house by now! Not only do I get fab support from Vicki, who will listen and talk to me as well as play with Luke, the help and support I have received from Carren and team Lagan have been amazing from the face book page to private chats with Carren or a member of the team. I never feel stupid asking the hard questions or advice from them and they are always there when I need them. If asked would I recommend Lagan's my answer would be absolutely. It doesnt make you a bad parent asking for help it makes you a better one. With Lagan's you not only get help when you need it you get a friend to share your journey with!

A massive Thank You to you all at Lagan's Foundation I would be lost without you.

Lots of love Sarah xxx

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