Our ambassadors represent our charity, the families we support and the volunteers who deliver the much need help. 

Hollie Hunt 

Hi, my name is Hollie; I am thirteen years old and a younger sister to Jordan who was born with 22q deletion syndrome including complex congenital heart defect, chronic lung disease and feeding difficulties.

As an Ambassador of Lagan's Foundation I aim to raise awareness to promote the charity, by taking part in fundraising activities and raising valuable funds to support our families. I am looking forward to being more involved in meeting families and other siblings and hope to eventually become a volunteer.

Olivia McQuoid 

Hi everyone!! My name is Olivia, I am 2 years old and was born with tricuspid and pulmonary atresia, which really just means the right side of my heart doesn’t work! I have had two open heart surgeries so far and have more to come, I was fed via an NG tube for 9 months too.

I am really pleased I was picked to be Lagan's Ambassador and I hope to raise awareness for CHD, feeding issues, and tell everyone about the amazing support which Lagan’s tirelessly provide for families like mine.

The support that Lagan’s provides means that mummy’s like mine are able to have a short break while a specially trained volunteer provides the support and care needed for each individual child. Lagan’s services leads families in the right direction of being able to fulfil their child’s needs while still living life to the full and achieving things that may not have seemed possible!

April Andrews & Wyatt

I'm April and this is Wyatt. Wyatt was born with a complex form of tetrology of fallots and ended up on palliative care after his second heart operation before passing away at home after spending a year in hospital. We had a lot of support through Lagan's Foundation and racked up an amazing number of followers while receiving hospital support from my volunteer Julie. I'm happy for us both becoming ambassadors so wyatt's legacy can go on through the charity, helping to support others whilst also raising awareness.



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