Lagan's Foundation offers home respite and support services for young children with heart defects or feeding issues across the UK 

Our home respite and support service provides parents with a volunteer for a minimum of two hours each week. You may just want someone to talk to, or for someone to care for your child whilst you go to sleep, or maybe you would like your evening meal all together.

If there are siblings we can play with them too ensuring all of the children within the family feel loved and cared for and everyone is integrated into family care routines.

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Having a volunteer from Lagans has been wonderful. Two hours with support is more productive than a day without. In fact I get more achieved in those two hours than I do the rest of the week combined. Having a child who can't or will not be left even for you to go to the toilet is draining. Especially when they also don't sleep at night, so you can't even put your feet up then. Even if I'm doing jobs around the house whilst out volunteer visits I feel so refreshed after the visit. There is no-body else who we have suitable to babysit or help support us with our daughters needs. No-body else I would trust with her health issues and we appreciate that our volunteer learnt some basic sign language to communicate with child. X

- from a family in Bristol 


I am so glad that I finally plucked up the courage to contact Lagans Foundation for support. We now receive help from Emma once a week and it is brilliant. Our daughter Grace is 19 months and has ccTGA with a large VSD, she also has a twin brother. One of the best things is that I now feel that I have someone to talk to who really understands what it is like to have a child with a heart defect.

I would encourage anybody in a similar situation to contact Carren and make the first step.

Mere 3 years!

This is an amazing charity, that has come so far in a mere 3yrs. Without out the aid of this charity getting through the past two years would of been a lot harder my twin CHD warriors have come a long way and a lot of what we know about CHD's and the various specialist and other complications that came from the CHD's has come from them more often than not. This charity let me know we wern't the only ones out there going through such a confusing time.

Above and Beyond

This service is a life line to me and my family. This isn't just a charity, it's more like extended family! Being sat in a hospital waiting for your child to go for open heart surgery is devastating for any family but one call to Lagan's and there is someone there (who has been in the same situation) to support you and understand your thoughts and fears. The home service they offer is amazing. They come into your home and help out in whichever way they can. Very highly recommended!!!


Lagan's Foundation have supported me from the moment we found out about my daughter's heart condition at the pre natal 20 week scan. This charity provides many free services for many families who wish to be supported and helped. Definitely "Heart Felt Care" and I believe in what they are achieving and working towards so much so I now a volunteer for the charity. Met some wonderful people and it good to know other people understand where you are coming from when you find out your child is not classed as the normal healthy child!

Amazing Support

Such a wonderful organisation a d I have gleaned more information from them on my daughter's heart condition than I did from all the medical professionals. There is always someone to talk to day or night and there is a Lagan's parent support group too. My baby's open heart surgery is coming up soon and it's great peace of mind knowing that my Lagan's volunteer can do hospital visits while I deal with my other children.


We are working with: 

Albert Royal, Wigan Children's Ward

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Children's Ward 

Trafford NHS Trust Community Team 

University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust Maternity, Women and Children's Department 

Greater Manchester. Stepping Hill Hospital is Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Children Ward and Neonatal Ward 

Alder Hey Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

Barnsley Hospital 

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Gastroenterology and Cardiac Departments

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 

Great  Ormond  Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust




Volunteer Coordinator: 07726 298214

Family Liaison:  07486 313296   For all family referrals 

Head Office: 01204 468300